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At Seven Figure Capital, we know that learning about business and real estate syndications can take time. There’s new lingo to learn, risks to understand, how-to’s to navigate, and more – in order to gain the confidence to invest in your first deal.
We’ve been there, and we know how time-consuming it can be to try to dig through all the available resources to find what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve compiled all our most helpful resources and media features for you right here.


Success leaves clues, and in order to reach the massive success you deserve, you must seek out the guidance of those who have gone before you.

In Success Habits of Super Achievers, Seven Figure Capital founder Greg Junge, along with over 80 iconic thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, share their insights to help YOU reach the success you deserve.



One of the most effective ways to learn a complex topic like real estate syndications is to learn directly from the experts – to hear their stories, experiences, and how they talk about syndications.

In these podcast interviews, listen in as Greg talks about the ins and outs of real estate syndications and how YOU can leverage them to create seven figure success.



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